Gyruff (Grand Duchy of Geoff)

Cleanup of Grollek's Grove

You gathered some potential intelligence from the room of Thyran Whiteoak (the human warlock who animated dead in Grolleck’s Grove) and some more mysteries. Who is Silas? Who is the Rat? Who was Thyran really working for? What was Thyran really going to do?

It seems you were deceived by what seems to be Lord Cardor’s were-fox grandmother, but don’t understand why she didn’t cast fireballs and just kill everyone? – One theory was that she was attempting to capture/charm Lord Cardor instead of kill him for some reason. With a word (and some bad saving throws), Gruka (the half-orc wizard) slew the flying witch and her dire fox ran off into the woods.

You ran across a place where a bunch of goblins (without weapons, armor or other equipment) were slain and a pack of wild dogs were picking at them. Lord Dimitri calmed the lead dog, a ranger’s war dog named Fang and took him in. The other dogs then dispersed.

Once you neared the river, the party was split into two parts:

Most of the leaders (PCs) were going to undertake a small mission and would catch up to the other group. The undead slowly lumbering after the half-orc wizard.

The nobles (Lord Cardor and Lady Morrick’s family), the other civilians and the regular troops would make their way through the woods on the north side of the river, led by Lord Rhys ap Colwyn.

After passing a trail of giants and large wolves, you finally came to the lake where Bridgit the Nymph lives. You met with her and found that she has been protecting the Fruitwood Grove. After a short hike, you found the fruitwood grove and a dire bear in the compound. The Lizardman Ranger spotted an elf and the group negotiated with the elves to find the torc. After some convincing, the elves revealed that they had the Torc of the Fruitwood Grove. Only a true lover of nature would be able to claim it. Val, the elven druid, was selected to search for the Torc, which was hidden in a “walking tree”. Only by making it rain could the druid prove that she was worthy.

We’ll pick up the story as a bird chatters frantically to the druid and the elves begin quickly packing up and moving into the trees. It seems that something is coming that is making the elves concerned…

I’m anticipating more combat in the next session, hopefully followed by an opportunity for the group to spend a little time in Ravonnar – a friendly city in the Kingdom of Keoland.

Gruka gets possessed

Ban Cant 31 explores the tombs under the Eldoran Estate. A portal opens and a githzerai monk, Vilquar, emerges. His monastery told him that he would be needed here and now against a great rising evil. (Unfortunately, that was the total of his instructions as predictions are notoriously vague. Was Gruka that rising evil?)

As the group looted the tombs, they awaken a ghost, who scares away everyone EXCEPT the half-orc barbarian Gruka. Gruka immediately fails a will save against possession.

> I just finished doing the calculations on the possessed Gruka! – WOW ! – You have the physical strength, dexterity, constitution and hit points of Gruka, but the Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma of the Ghost (Ivar the Terrible). There are some down sides: you no longer have your barbarian traits (other than the 40’ move), none of Gruka’s skills or feats, none of Gruka’s base attack or saving throws. Also, while possessed by Ivar the Terrible, Gruka doesn’t gain experience and Ivar only gains a tiny bit (because foes challenging to Gruka are not as challenging to Ivar.)
> The possessed Gruka can now read, speak additional languages and has a lot of knowledge skills, but can no longer speak orcish. – Which means that if Gruka wants to hide what he is thinking, he just has to think in orcish… The occasional stray thought shows through, but Ivar can’t read Gruka’s mind.
> I made a mistake on Sunday. By wearing the chain shirt, you have a 20% of any spell you cast to fail (and the shield would just make it worse). You’ll probably want to take off the armor and use the spell Mage Armor, giving you the equivalent of a non-magical chain shirt without chance of losing spells due to armor.
> Since you took command of the undead, they are a powerful asset. The Mutated Hill Giant Zombie is incredible! 159 hit points, armor class of 26 and damage reduction 5/slashing! He can only move OR attack each round, but he is 20 to hit with his Large Greatclub for 2d812! (Though one of the Ogres only has 1 hit point left and the other is down to 28 out of 55 hit points.) On the other hand, if you could get enough onyx gems, you could release the Ogre Zombies and make more from the dead Ogres in the field… You might want to animate the Warlock-Necromancer as a Ghast (Create Undead) under your control, so you can find out his secrets (including his traps and treasure in his hut).
> The big decision you’ll have to make is what you want to do with your new “power”. Each day, Gruka will make a new saving throw to take control of his life back, but Ivar could keep trying to re-possess him (especially if you want him to). Ivar has lots of spells, skills, knowledge and power, but Gruka’s your original character. And as long as Ivar is in possession, he gets the experience (and a 13th level Necromancer earns much less experience than a 7th level Barbarian). I’ll leave the decision to you. You can have some fun with this:
> * Talk about something that Gruka would have no clue about (see handouts)
> * “Forget” your rank
> * “Forget” someone’s name (maybe ask who Lilly Gellsblood or this Trogdor is)
> * Start asking a lot of questions about what is going on “why are the bugbears and ogres teaming up and attacking”
> * Ask if anyone knows where the Master of the Spider Throne is (aka the Whispered One, the Undying King, Lord of the Rotted Tower, Vecna ap Kajac) or what happened to him (so you can get your revenge)
> If you want to keep Ivar the Terrible (who isn’t quite evil, by the way), you don’t have to attack the party until they attack or inconvenience you. You can still have fun with the bulleted list above and even “reveal” to them that you are the spirit of a “benevolent” ancestor of Gyruff, sent to help them through their current crisis. (Even though Ivar the Terrible has NO CLUE as to what is going on or even how long has passed…)
> If you want to get rid of Ivar the Terrible:
> 1) Keep revealing things that aren’t right (as foreshadowing). (see bulleted list above)
> 2) Find a time when the party is distracted, such as when they are going to go into the Warlock-Necromancer’s Hut
> 3) Cast Spectral Hand (my queue that you’re probably going to start the big fight) and move a little away
> 4) try to get them all in a Cone of Cold or Fireball and order the giant and ogres to attack
> 5) use the Phastasmal Killer on the toughest fighter (probably the other Barbarian)
> 6) use the Phastasmal Killer on the next toughest fighter (probably the Lizardman)
> 7) use Lightning bolt on the druid and anyone else you can get lined up.
> 8) Use Vampiric Touch on someone with a lot of hit points left (to recharge yourself)
> 9) Chances are you won’t make it this far, but when Gruka’s body gets too low on hit points, the ghost would probably seek out a new body to inhabit.
> If Gruka is killed or low on hit points, Ivar the Terrible can exist as a ghost or attempt to inhabit a new body.
> If other party members are killed, they have scrolls of raise dead, reincarnation and will soon be able to cast them without needing scrolls (just money for the material components). So, don’t worry about “temporarily” killing them if it comes to a fight.

Post Morrick's Mansion

The curse on Morrick Mansion and the village of Grolleck’s Grove has been lifted and the humanoids driven away. Lord Cardor of the March of Mandismoor has been found and rescued, as have the Morrick Family, their servants and guests. The storm cloud gathering over Morrick Mansion is dispersing, providing needed sunshine back to the village, but the sign of the curse being lifted is visible for dozens of leagues in every direction. You’re not sure, but it is possible that some of the humanoids who took over the village escaped when you took it back…

The quest to atone Bishop Primo remains, but what will you do with the rescued nobles?

Is it worth risking the tombs in the Eldoran Estate again before you go?

How long until the armies of the giants come to retake the village?

How much goblin leather armor will the lizardman take along?

Will the party make a deal with the Necromancer for the unworldly Halfling or his ring?

Will the party leader be able to keep order in the unit?

Cursed Stone?

“and the cursed stone in reach”

(Marshall Hillock): Hmm me thinks getting the cursed stone might be a tad more “difficult” (read dangerous) then Todd’s email makes it sound.

Not to mention we need to:
1) Get the surviving stoned family members back to flesh and to safety.
2) Try to raise the father so he can be a Minnie-me. (ok. So he may have been dead too long to be easily raised) But I am sure his family would want a funeral with a teeny weenie casket.
3) Get the cursed stone destroyed.
4) Get the “insane” guests cured and to safety.
5) Worry about the groundskeeper.
6) See that justice is done for the “evil” family in Orlane. I think that’s the niece? (for the goody too shoes in our party) or get are payment for determining the whereabouts and saving some of the wedding party. (for the more mercenary party members)

Morrick's Mansion

When we last left our intrepid heroes, they had infiltrated the Morrick Mansion and were approaching a bioluminescent pool. Something had just gained the attention of Olegg, the cleric of Pelor and former lycanthrope, urging him towards a part of the mansion.

Outside of the compound lurk vicious trees (animated by the curse) and a blind hill giant. Giant four-winged crows the size of eagles circle overhead, barely visible against the strange storm clouds circling the estate. Swarms of giant insects form drifting clouds about the mansion, and other cursed creatures are bound to exist around the grounds and perhaps within the house itself.

Will our stalwart adventurers find the pebble causing the rift to the Abyss?

Will the charms protect the party from the dreadful chaotic curse?

Will the party be able to fend off the people and creatures already affected by the curse?

Rhys talks with the were-tigers part 3

To the Bishop:
“I’m sorry, my son… I don’t know much of the Brodelin family, other than they have been Margraves of Mandismoor for generations.

To Cardor: (attitude with taking a 10, +9 skill +2 circumstance bonus to having removed his curse)
“I’m sure that Sondra is dead by now, since the curse turned her into a vixen (female fox) and foxes only live a few years, especially with nobles hunting foxes for sport…” (disappointed) “… although… it was a fox that gave us the potion to ‘cure’ us…” (thoughtful)

“I’m sure that Aldriv II’s only son was dead. I saw the body. He suffocated in childberth or something like that…” (sad) “… although… it is possible that the midwife might have been the strange woman in the tavern… I was too drunk to think straight, but it is possible… You know how hard it is to tell some elven women from others when you’re drunk (wink)…”

“I’m also sure that Ariel is dead. I saw her buried…” (very sorrowful) “… and she was NOT the same elf!…” (slightly angry)

“If you can find out who has done this to me or lift the curse, I would reward you with a manor in my lands. Perhaps 400 or so peasants to till the land for you?… The ladies love a landed noble, you know…” (He actually seems hopeful and a little teasing.) “I’m sure you won’t have any problem landing the woman of your choice, once you have your own land… <wink>”

To Nicole:
What were you doing with Mordelin the night of the murder?
“…” (blush and embarrassment, possibly with shame?)
And, what did you two do together as weretigers – since not all of it was a big hunt.
“… um … we … um … er … walked around…” (blush and embarrassment, possibly with shame?)
“oh I’m so happy to have you back and know you are well, I was so worried…yadda, yadda…what you did to help clear Mordelin’s name and cure Cardor was so brave and noble…”
“I’m happy to be cured and to have you here Rhys. It is wonderful to be human again and to feel the warmth of your hands. I shudder to think of my life as a tiger, much less if I had run across the knights of the watch (who kill lycanthropes on sight)…” (happy and more relaxed)
(Ditto on the bad boys comment!!)

To Mordelin:
I will be actually surprisingly friendly, conciliatory, and even apologetic.
“That’s alright… many people jumped to conclusions, including Captain Welvr of the guard…” (surprised and suspicious)
I suggest that Mordelin go and talk to his father – even though I know what kind of response I’ll get.
“OK…” (confused and suspicious)
I am assuming that if I propose this to Mordelin he will be so shocked that I am trying to help him that he will probably think I have some other motivation or want something. Still, he probably knows me to be a bit naïve and straight-forward, so maybe it will help his attitude. I’ll even note to him that the Marquise [sp?] does probably get the castle, servants, and a pretty good living. Sure beats stealing silvers off merchants on the street.
“I don’t know about that… I may be a scoundrel, but I’m an honest soundrel! What makes you think I even want to be in your ‘society’ fancy boy?” (extremely suspicious and slightly hostile – he may be threatened by you and/or think this is a trap) “I’m perfectly happy with who I am!” (lie, then stormed off. However, you notice that later he seems to be deep in thought and mulling things over.)

Rhys talks with the were-tigers part 2

Clearly, it is not so much a curse against House Brodelin as it is a vendetta.

To Cardor (once he wakes up):
Whomever this Sondra woman is, she or her family are trying to do away with House Brodelin, then probably arrive with Aldriv’s son to claim Mandismoor for themselves.

And their adversary either is elven or prefers to appear in elven form.

1. Elf maiden started this most recent curse of lycanthropy and probably killed Aldriv.
2. Elf midwife takes Aldriv’s only son – likely not really dead but instead stolen away.
3. Mordelin’s mother – Ariel the elf. Yeah, either a set-up or she faked her death.
I may have an idea on how to legitimize Mordelin (see more on that below).

To Scott’s Character:
Ask what he knows about Mordelin. I’ll let him know that I don’t condone their way of life (his and Mordelin’s) but I am not so innocent as to think it doesn’t go on. Plus I respect his daring and combat prowess. So, I need to know what he knows about Mordelin. I don’t need to know how he knows, or any “guild” secrets, but I need to know any details.

To Nicole:
What were you doing with Mordelin the night of the murder?
And, what did you two do together as weretigers – since not all of it was a big hunt.
(along with “oh I’m so happy to have you back and know you are well, I was so worried…yadda, yadda…what you did to help clear Mordelin’s name and cure Cardor was so brave and noble…try to make her feel better about it, even though she had to kill some guards)
Yes, Rhys is showing a little jealousy and is worried about Nicole – if she is having “realations” with Mordelin Rhys will be stunned and hurt (not that I, as a player would be at all surprised…those darn bad-boys get all the chicks!!!).

To Mordelin:
I will be actually surprisingly friendly, conciliatory, and even apologetic.
I suggest that Mordelin go and talk to his father – even though I know what kind of response I’ll get.

And hey, I’m not against bending a few rules here.
Yeah, Rhys may be “good” but he also is somewhat young “free spirited” (chaotic), and despite his fairly innocent view of the world he isn’t completely blind.
There might be a way for Mordelin to become a “legitimate” heir (and I use that term loosely). Since I know that there have been many records lost, I’m sure we could come up with a certificate of marriage for Ariel and Cardor (if Mordelin himself doesn’t have the contacts, I’m sure the Halfling [Scott’s character] could find someone). Though it isn’t necessarily absolutely factual, as we might have to forge it a bit, Mordelin is the actual heir to the position and should get his chance.

Yes, Rhys may be young and chaotic but he still believes in the “system” and an heir is an heir, no matter how undeserving (I won’t tell Mordelin that he is undeserving).

I am assuming that if I propose this to Mordelin he will be so shocked that I am trying to help him that he will probably think I have some other motivation or want something. Still, he probably knows me to be a bit naïve and straight-forward, so maybe it will help his attitude. I’ll even note to him that the Marquise [sp?] does probably get the castle, servants, and a pretty good living. Sure beats stealing silvers off merchants on the street.

Really, I want to help Cardor, even if it means making his scumbag son a legitimate heir.

Plus, the innocent/optimistic side of Rhys thinks that once given the responsibility and he has people depending on him, Mordelin will shape up to some extent (yeah…right…).

I don’t really know who to ask to get more information on this Brodelin/Mandismoor “curse” (vendetta) and this Sondra woman. I have both History and Nobility knowledge skills (if I remember correctly), but I’ll probably have to deal with this later. Like we need intrigue on top of the fact that an evil army is rolling over the lands.

I will check in with a few others, as I didn’t realize they were so intertwined with the “plot”. I’ll talk to both Cheryl’s and Kevin’s characters and pass on the information I have about Cardor, his brother, the curse, and Mordelin’s innocence. See if they have any further insight.
Heck, maybe even the bishop knows something?

The Barbarian and lizardman seem to be completely uninterested in things dealing with anything but combat so I’m not going to bother talking with them.
As for the drow…well he might know something so I guess I’ll at least ask. I’d rather take a leak on a live wire than ask him for help but I guess I’ll try. Maybe he’ll annoy the Halfling enough that he’ll take care of that problem…

Yup, Rhys is in way over his head here as a wide-eyed 16-year old who still thinks that others will be straight with him (but he does still have that +9 sense motive check…).

Rhys talks with the were-tigers part 1

He has the whole brooding, greasy, unshaven bad-boy look to him. (Like Hennet without the leather fetish.) His hair is tussled and oily and his eyes tend to shift and wander, even when you’re talking to him. More than once you’ve noticed him paying particular attention to the people around him and making note of whenever someone goes into a pack, bag or pouch. From his reputation of hanging out with thugs and thieves, you’re sure he’s a rogue, himself. Still, he seems to have a certain charisma that women find appealing for some reason.

Mordelin seems to avoid any interaction with you and seems to treat you with some contempt. Yet you perceive a slight fear of you. Perhaps some twinge of envy, but you’re not sure… Dialog with him seems to be short and to the point:

“Noble? Bah! There’s no place in your ‘society’ for me, and you know it! Nikki’s a big girl and can take care of herself. You know as well as I do that as soon as you take me back, I’ll be fitted with a noose. Leave me alone and let me be… you… peacock…”

You also notice that Mordelin appears friendly towards Marshall, the Halfling rogue and talks with him freely. Whenever he can, Mordelin hangs around Nicole, but tends to back away a little whenever you glare at him. He also looks at his father, but doesn’t seem to hang around Cardor as much as you would otherwise expect… Perhaps it is something left over from their lycanthropy…

She is as pretty as ever, even in borrowed clothes. Yet… she seems a little embarrassed/shy around you. She seems a lot older and much less innocent than the last time you saw her…

“Mordelin may be a rogue, but he’s innocent of the charges against him… He was with me the night of the murder… When they came to arrest Mordelin, he had to run, so I went with him. Finding the real killer seemed the only way to clear his name, since Cardor had disappeared. You see, the captain of the guard has always taken a dislike to Mordelin… So, we managed to sneak into the castle and looked for clues, but the guards discovered us. We escaped through the dungeons and a secret passage that led to the prison. Once in the prison, Mordelin saw a couple of old friends who had also been locked up, so we helped them escape. Unfortunately, a number of the guards tried to stop us and a few of them died. I didn’t want to, but we didn’t have much choice.”

“We had found a map with Cardor’s notes scribbled on it while we were in the castle, so we decided to follow those leads. South of Pelyth’s Cove, we stumbled upon orcs and an ogre selling slaves to men from the Hold of the Sea Princes, and we were shocked to see Cardor among the slaves. We attacked without thinking, which provoked the orcs to attack the Holders and it turned into quite a fray. Then, suddenly, Cardor turned into a were-tiger and attacked everyone… You see, Cardor was unwilling to accept himself as a were-tiger and thus could not retain his own mind when he transformed…”

“Valanthe, the elven druid in your group, was also a slave being sold to the holders. We took her and her unconscious companion, that man over there (Olegg [Kevin’s character]), with the other slaves to the ferry at Ravonnar, but Cardor, Mordelin, Orm (my brother), Eldane (Mordelin’s friend) and Valanthe decided to seek out Bridgit the nymph to cure Cardor. Along the way, we encountered a fox with a multi-draft potion. The druid spoke with the fox, and it claimed the potion was a cure for lycanthropy sent by its mistress, but that it needed to be consumed by everyone wounded by the lycanthrope that very night to be effective. We assumed that it was sent by Bridgit the nymph, but we were mistaken. We finally found Bridgit, but she didn’t know anything about the fox. She gave us a single scroll of remove curse to cure Cardor, but we had to use on one of the nights of the full moon. As I was reading the scroll, I found that I was beginning to change into the tiger and I couldn’t stop it… I don’t know what happened next, but I found myself naked in a field covered in blood. I knew that I had be cursed, but I’m sure it wasn’t the scroll. Perhaps it was the wound from Cardor or the potion, but I knew I couldn’t go back until I found a cure…”

“I spent time in the wilderness hiding and surviving. I was able to locate my spellbook and pieces of equipment to put into a hidden cache. If we have time, I’d like to recover them. Dire Tigers are very territorial and usually will not allow other members of the same sex in their territory, so Dire Tigers seldom get together except for a large hunt or …”

“In time, I learned to control my ability to change. Cardor couldn’t accept his change, so he was never able to master it. Mordelin seemed to enjoy the power it gave him, so he usually remained in tiger form. I also met Shirluc, Leah the Druid’s Dire Tiger friend. Occasionally, I would hunt together with one of the boys, but they wouldn’t cooperate with each other. Then, one day, I caught the scent of you and Mordelin together. I was confused, and when I saw that you had him in human form and tied up, I wasn’t sure what you would think of me…”

“I knew that this was Cardor’s only chance to get the curse lifted, so I ran off looking for him. You see, Cardor was afraid of what people would say if they found out he was a were-tiger. That’s why he couldn’t see any of the clerics in Keoland to get the curse lifted. It is important to him that his curse be secret, as there may be problems with the other nobles if they find out…”

“I’m not sure what is going to happen now, but I am glad to see you again Rhys. You’ve always been so good to me. I need your help to get Cardor back to Ravonnar, keep his secret safe and help us find the real villain behind the murder of Cardor’s brother, the Margrave.” (With that she squeezes your hand, gives you a kiss on the cheek and looks deep into your eyes….) (and Mordelin looks at you with hatred in his eyes while she’s doing it.)

Cardor seems to be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is obviously distraught, which is a sharp contrast to his normal, jovial, fun-loving self. He is fairly quiet, but very appreciative that you saved him from his curse. As a fellow noble and son of his friend, he later opens up to you over drinks at one of the taverns, taking a drink with every pause…

“Thank you, son. I cannot put into words my gratitude for saving me from that horrible curse… the one that took my brother… It was horrible beyond what you can imagine…” (and he takes a large swig from the bottle.)

“It all started with a tryst with this strange elven woman down at the tavern in Ravonnar… I’ve always been popular with the ladies, but this woman seemed to seek me out and bought me fine and expensive brandies to drink… I don’t remember much of the rest of the night, but I awoke the next night in my bed, covered with scratches and blood… My poor brother… murdered in the night… I knew then that I had been cursed into some lycanthrope… I fled the castle and searched for a cure… I even tried Belladona… but it left me weak and unable to defend myself as I was set upon by orcs… They were brutal and cruel beyond words…” (takes several long drinks)

“Poor Aldriv… I guess we should have expected some foul play… Almost everyone in the family has suffered some horrible death ever since my grandfather… You see, my grandfather, Margrave Aldriv I of house Brodelin, was poisoned by my grandmother, Sondra… When my father, Aldriv II, was old enough, he and his brothers overthrew Sondra, with approval from the King of Keoland… Sondra was banished from Keoland and my father cursed her to become the vixen she was… A few years later, my uncle Bren was killed while hunting… Then, uncle Vrand was killed while adventuring in the Dim Forest… My brother’s eldest daughter, Wendolin, has been able to escape the curse, as she married Earth Garith II of Linth and moved far away, but her sister was killed by a beggar in the streets of Ravonnar… My brother’s only son died in childbirth many years ago, despite the talented skills of their elvish midwife… Chandel, my brother’s wife, hasn’t been the same since…”

“You see… I always knew that someday the family curse would strike me down… but I hoped to live life to its fullest before death would come for me. I even had a child with this lovely elven woman… Ariel… she died giving birth to our son… Mordelin… See, even SHE was not immune to the curse… As a bastard, and worse, a half-breed… I could never recognize him as my son… nobles of Keoland would never accept him… still my son… my son… Now, I must accept the King’s judgment and accept the title… if I must… but I know that if he does not approve or I die… … the house Brodelin will end… and that house Linth will inherit… lands and titles of Mandismoor… Do you think it is too late for me… you know… to marry and sire an heir?… – Ah, who would take me… with a curse hanging over my head and my house…”

(He then grows despondent and less coherent as he takes to the bottle…)
“… I should have married Ariel… given Mordelin a chance… <glurp>… you’re young… gotta sow some oats and all… don’t forget married… heir… an heir… gotta keep family alive… <thud> <snore>”
(Thus passes out Cardor Brodelin, heir to the March of Mandismoor…)

Plans for Grollek's Grove

I am forming a battle plan for our assault on Grolleks Grove (if we decide to proceed that way) so I have a couple questions for Todd:

1. The Temple to Heronious (now Grumsh); is it a stone building or wood or a combination?

2. What type of entrance (door) and windows (arrow slits?) do the watch towers have?

3. Are any of the other buildings or houses made of stone?

4. Do we see or have we seen, or does the druid know of any warning devices, particularly in the towers, such as horns, gongs, or such?

And no, I don’t think a frontal assault is the way to go…but perhaps if we had a wheelbarrow, an inferno cloak, and Andre the Giant… ;)

> 1. Stone, although it has wooden rafters that support a metal
> “shield-shaped” curved roof.
> 2. Watchtowers are typical stone construction with a heavy stone door
> that opens in. There are arrow slits in the walls, although most of
> them point out of town. The roof has crenellations and a trapdoor that
> leads below.
> 3. Other than the temple and watchtowers, the Village Hall (F) is
> stone with a flat/sloping roof.
> 4. Unknown about warning devices in the watchtowers, but the whole
> area seems to be relaxed or you would have been detected by now. This
> area seems to be a sleepy area miles away from the “front” along the
> river.
> On the other hand, you can still walk…

Ban Cant 31 under Valanthe

Ban Cantdyn (Lt.) Trogdor had other business to attend to, so Athrodwrthdyn (Mstr Sgt) Valanthe, the elven druid, was put in charge. Dwrthdyn (Sgt) Rhys ap Colwyn was added to the Ban Cant (Platoon) just before you left. Recent refugees arrived in Orlane from the Village of Grolleck’s Grove who spoke of a curse on the nearby lord’s estate (Morrick’s Mansion). The group had decided to check it out, since it was on the way.

Your mission: Assist/Protect Bishop Garath Primo on his quest for atonement and return him to Camp in Orlane (alive) His quest: Find the missing Torc of the Fruitwood Grove, located somewhere near Preston in the Oytwood and return it to Lowen Oakroot (the druid at Beory’s Teeth). Lowen mentionned that you will need the help of Bridgit the Nymph to find the Fruitwood Grove. Somehow, the giant’s forces were unable to see the party at the druidic circle (Beory’s Teeth) just outside of Hochoch.

Mordelin (illegitimate son of Cardor) and your own party cleric were cured of their lycanthropy. Mordelin is accused of killing his uncle, so Rhys has kept him tied up. A dire tiger (or were-tiger) was seen at night, but got away to ambush (with another Dire Tiger) a party of orcs near Grolleck’s Grove.

Marshall, the halfling, was sent ahead to scout out the village and he made contact with the local druid, Leah Redoak, living in a huge tree at the edge of town. The druid there had a Dire Tiger as a companion, which made some of the party suspicious, but she said she would send the tiger to try to find the other were-tiger(s): Cardor (wizard heir to the March of Mandismoor) and Cardor’s apprentice (Nicole), but you’ll need to find them before dawn if you are to cure them before the next full moon.


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