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  • Campaign History 583 part 1

    Richfest 583
    The Morrick Wedding in Grollecks Grove is interrupted by a terrible curse. Many do not escape the estate and fall prey to the curse.

    Brewfest 583
    In the middle of the Brewfest

  • Campaign History 584 part 4

    Planting 584
    Wolfpack 31s first mission was to contact the elves (April 2009). The encountered a crazed dire badger and kobolds that were terrorizing an elven village (Durlas). They eliminated the threat and then made

  • Campaign History 584 Part 16

    Patchwall 584
    1st of Patchwall: Ban Cant 31 Assault on the glacier. Frost Giant Archmage Arbrozzar, Jarl Grungir, wife and other key leaders are slain. Cloud giantess and Balor released. White dragons skipped. Nobles and

  • Campaign History 585 Part 1

    Needfest 585
    On the 1st of Needfest, a portal opens near the Rushmoors and an army of 5000 Flan emerge with bronze armor and weapons. Their bodies are heavily tattooed and most appear to be barbarians. Symbols of death are

  • Summary of the Senior Campaign

    Well, the senior campaign ending went pretty well after a run of 6 years. (Started 4/13/2009, interestingly enough.) In-game time from Coldeven (March) 584 to Fireseek (January) 585 (plus assorted time travel). Most characters are in the level 22-25

  • Defeat of the Naga

    Richfest 1, 584 CY

    The naga has been defeated and her lair is looted and collapsing. Those under her spell are returning to their senses, including Bishop Garath Primo. An attack by lizardmen outside of Orlane was easily repelled

  • Wolfpack 31 is Formed

    Growfest 1, 584 CY

    Without enough troops to field full units, Arglwyth Darlon Lea and the Olwythi gan Gyruff (Rangers of Gyruff) organize Wolfpacks of talented individuals to go on specific strike missions against

  • The Feast

    Richfest 2, 584 CY
    The Feast

    In celebration of the nagas defeat, the camp at Orlane holds another feast. Present at the head table are Arglwyth (Baron) Darlon Lea, Maga Elspet, Cuthalion Strongbow (

  • A New Mission

    • Richfest 3, 584 CY*

    The fort at Pelyths Cove fell suddenly and without warning. Its loss was discovered when reinforcements approached the gate and were fired upon by orcs and half-orcs on the walls. With the loss of the fort,

  • Trogdor gets hung up

    It is time to ship out, but Ban Cantdyn Trogdor Hammerfall hasnt finished crafting his staff. He orders his Athrodwyrthdyn to take Ban Cant 31 on mission and Trogdor will catch up.

    A dandy noble, Rhys ap Colwyn, has been assigned to your

  • Grolleck's Grove

    Ban Cantdyn (Lt.) Trogdor had other business to attend to, so Athrodwrthdyn (Mstr Sgt) Valanthe, the elven druid, was put in charge. Dwrthdyn (Sgt) Rhys ap Colwyn was added to the Ban Cant (Platoon) just before you left. Recent refugees arrived in

  • Ban Cant 31 under Valanthe

    Ban Cantdyn (Lt.) Trogdor had other business to attend to, so Athrodwrthdyn (Mstr Sgt) Valanthe, the elven druid, was put in charge. Dwrthdyn (Sgt) Rhys ap Colwyn was added to the Ban Cant (Platoon) just before you left. Recent refugees arrived in

  • Plans for Grollek's Grove

    I am forming a battle plan for our assault on Grolleks Grove (if we decide to proceed that way) so I have a couple questions for Todd:

    1. The Temple to Heronious (now Grumsh); is it a stone building or wood or a combination?

    2. What type

  • Rhys talks with the were-tigers part 1

    He has the whole brooding, greasy, unshaven bad-boy look to him. (Like Hennet without the leather fetish.) His hair is tussled and oily and his eyes tend to shift and wander, even when youre talking to him. More than once youve noticed

  • Rhys talks with the were-tigers part 2

    Clearly, it is not so much a curse against House Brodelin as it is a vendetta.

    To Cardor (once he wakes up):
    Whomever this Sondra woman is, she or her family are trying to do away with House Brodelin, then probably arrive with Aldrivs son

  • Rhys talks with the were-tigers part 3

    To the Bishop:
    Im sorry, my son I dont know much of the Brodelin family, other than they have been Margraves of Mandismoor for generations.

    To Cardor: (attitude with taking a 10, +9 skill +2 circumstance bonus to having removed his

  • Morrick's Mansion

    When we last left our intrepid heroes, they had infiltrated the Morrick Mansion and were approaching a bioluminescent pool. Something had just gained the attention of Olegg, the cleric of Pelor and former lycanthrope, urging him towards a part of the

  • Cursed Stone?

    and the cursed stone in reach

    (Marshall Hillock): Hmm me thinks getting the cursed stone might be a tad more difficult (read dangerous) then Todds email makes it sound.

    Not to mention we need to:
    1) Get the surviving stoned

  • Post Morrick's Mansion

    The curse on Morrick Mansion and the village of Grollecks Grove has been lifted and the humanoids driven away. Lord Cardor of the March of Mandismoor has been found and rescued, as have the Morrick Family, their servants and guests. The storm cloud

  • Gruka gets possessed

    Ban Cant 31 explores the tombs under the Eldoran Estate. A portal opens and a githzerai monk, Vilquar, emerges. His monastery told him that he would be needed here and now against a great rising evil. (Unfortunately, that was the total of his

  • Cleanup of Grollek's Grove

    You gathered some potential intelligence from the room of Thyran Whiteoak (the human warlock who animated dead in Grollecks Grove) and some more mysteries. Who is Silas? Who is the Rat? Who was Thyran really working for? What was Thyran really going to

  • Gonfalon

    After a discussion on what is the Gan Falan, Eridan briefs the party:

    The correct spelling is Gonfalon. What do you want to know about it because if I dont know I can always make it up:)

    It was created in CY 246 to

  • Dimitri goes astray

    Most of the leaders (PCs) were going to undertake a small mission and
    would catch up to the other group. They had to recover a torc from a
    druid, or something. The undead slowly lumbering after the half-orc wizard.

    The nobles (Lord

  • Death of Gorna

    As he rushes down the corridor, Alvestar has to make the tough decision. If he uses the artifact, some of the giant leadership will be slain, disrupting the ability of the giants to coordinate their attacks. However, setting off the artifact will

  • End of a Council Meeting

    21st of Readying, 585 CY
    At the end of the meeting, The Eagle mentions something about business in the courtyard. Your Radiance, perhaps now is a good time for that VAULT inspection? With a gesture, twice the normal

  • 21st of Readying War Council

    The Brenins Council is still meeting on the 21st of Readying, when there is a knock on the door. After a few whispers, Rhodri of Llentrev, Head of the Griffon Guard (the Brenins personal bodyguards), presents Elder Dintirel of the Oytwood Elves.


  • A Daughter's Discovery

    21st of Readying, 585 CY
    A Daughters Discovery
    By Joe Tom (Edited for our Campaign)

    A cloud giant child skips a little then thinks better of it, knowing her father would grumble at her if he knew she was amusing herself in the

  • Back in Black

    Alvestar and Diana meet with Llwyres Sierra Blackblade in the courtyard. (I had to share this with all.)

    <alvestar>: "Thank you for agreeing to see me Llwyres Sierra, it is an honor (w/ bow).

    I will be submitting my Gorna

  • Back in Black - Taking Flight

    As Llwyres Sierra Blackblade takes to the air, she shouts passionately in Sylvan:
    Con il sangue dei miei antenati, io comando quelli del mio sangue per abbattere con grandissima vendetta e rabbia furiosa coloro che vogliono attaccare e

  • Gorna After Action Report

    Lt. Alvestars Official Gorna Report:

    Braichdyn Brehyr Janos Garren,

    The Flying Griffons official mission report as ordered.

    Arrived outside Gorna via The Lady Goldencrown dirigible, met with Gnome guide The Rat and the

  • End of a Spy?

    The snow has already started to melt, leaving a muddy path, but the warmth is welcome. Heike Heinriksdotter doesnt mind the chains too much. They are heavy for her human body, but her head is still on her shoulders and she considers that a major

  • Status of the War Goodmonth 584 CY

    In the greater war:
    Iuz (northeast) took over the Horned Society (humanoids) and his combined forces overran the Shield Lands. Furyondy has been fighting back, but the border is fluid. Veluna and Bissel sent much of their military to aid in the

  • Bran ap Aeron Reporting

    Bran (privately)> Look son, I will be your High Chancellor and advise you, but Im not going to be a freeking yes-man. Im sick of advising a pansy-arsed Keoish fop and you better be different! Now your grandfather, Arglwyth Ffagan Farshot

  • Summary to Date 24th Readying

    To summarize recent history for those who havent been able to follow along:
    21st of Readying:
    Fighting Tomatoes (Kids Campaign) reach the Unoerthly Cave and clear a few levels
    Brenins council learns Knights Quarry has about 12,

  • Magi and Bard Meeting Over Time

    In addition to your Griffon Guard, you have:
    Janice, Kialla, Bran (and his halfling scribe Pendleton), Sierra, Abinar, Burkan, Pebblebottom, Emmerson, Sheila, Pwyll, Gwyndion of the Twained Elm and Brohan.

    Abinar recognizes the writing as

  • Business in Pymtheg Cerrig

    Horkas was dreading going back. Echen was a nice enough guy, outside work, but he was a real barracuda of a businessman and worthy of the reputation earned by an affiliate of the Glorandaal Bank & Exchange. It was best to get unpleasant things out

  • Lessons for Emyr

    Castle White (Caer Gwyn) is somber and very quiet with the lord of the land on his sickbed. Servants slip by as quietly as they can and every clang and bump in the kitchen seems to echo throughout the castle. Even the armored guards walk about on

  • Interlude: Catlike Curiosity

    Well, that could have gone better. Echen said to his brother, Ricneiros, as he walked back into the tan brick building of the local Glorandaal Bank & Exchange. Echen looks around nervously, Lord Alvestar was less than receptive to the idea.

  • Life and Times of Dandelion the Bard, Chapter 1

    Hello, my name is Drustan Aodhan Ninian Mandismoor, or in the classic Flan; Dustan ap Mordelin, third child of Mordelin Mandismoor and Nicole Fairweather Mandismoor. However I am known by my stage name of Dandelion. Perhaps someday Ill tell that

  • Aurora's Journal

    Day 1: Old Ways/New Faiths

    The strain between the Old Faith and the Keolanders is almost palpable. It very nearly erupted in violence in the local inn. Fortunately one of the bards who were in town for the funerals was able to calm their emotions

  • Brewfest Ball - CY616

    Eagles Peak, the Brenins Castle in Gorna, is aflutter with activity. There is so much to do before the Brewfest Ball in a couple days. Usually, the celebration is focused in the market and outside the city walls, while the castle is more subdued.

  • Xilvyre's Journal

    Journal of Xilvyre Urthadar

    My name is Xilvyre Urthadar. I am the oldest daughter of wood elf Rolen Urthadar and Flan woman Nesta merch Gethin. I recently left my familys traveling entertainment business to make it on my own.

    I found

  • Journal of Benton Da'Heedh - Prelude

    the start of Bens Journal. Before he started down the road of adventure

    Beory protects and cares for those who care for Oerth, At least that is what my uncles, Gawain and Celyn always tell me as we work the fields of the Johnson &

  • Dandelion – Interludes

    Dandelion Interludes:

    Hey there bard boy. Or They dig the bad boys!


    There had been way too much time on the road recently. The trip from Gorna to Hocholve had been thankfully uneventful and Dandelion just wanted to

  • Tornado Journal CY618

    So as previously mentioned we found a griffon trainer in knights rest by the name of Godfrey (a ranger with no time for frivolous things). I expressed my interest in taking his course on griffon riding and he offered that for all of my money and my

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  • History of Aberglain

    The hills of the Downlands have poor chalky soil and the valleys are typically wetlands for much of the year. The area was originally populated by somewhat nomadic Flan who tended sheep, fished and gathered the wild rice and sweet grasses.


  • Economics in the Downlands

    In Gyruff, the land is owned by the nobles and rented by the people, but it is possible to buy/sell a life estate, which gives them the rights to the property for life as long as they continue paying the taxes (typically 1% of the value of

  • Ambassadors to Gyruff

    • Gnome Ambassador to Gyruff = Glim Tinkertockle Waywocket
    • Oytwood Elves = Elder Dintrel
    • Kingdom of Keoland = Dior Rhola
    • Gran March = Llelyr Watherson

  • Fey

    Seelie Greater Spirits

    • Bright Winter (Spring) = Queen Tamlyn, The Lake of Crystal Dawn
    • Bright Summer = King Aodhan, Fiddlers Green
    • Dark Summer (Autumn) = Queen Lhiannon, The Caves of Twilight Resplendent

  • Pelyth Cove

    The village of Pelyth Cove, the cantreval seat of Blodyn Cain, is situated near a cove on the west bank of the Javan river. The water in the cove is shallow and calm, and bordered by pebbly beaches that lead up to a firm turf where a tall, green

  • Army of Liberation and the Military

    Formed when the giant armies invaded the Duchy of Gyruff, the Army of Liberations goal is to kill or drive off the armies of the giants and once again have a free and safe Gyruff. Members of the Army are expected to defend the Gyri from all threats,

  • Social Status and Nobility


    • Brenin (Grand Duke) Ruler of Gyruff. Addressed as Your Radiance.
    • High Chancellor (Appointed by the Brenin) The Right Hand man of the Brenin. Addressed as Your Lordship.
    • Llwyr (Count)

  • The Law

    STATUTES (in Aberglain)

    • All weapons must be peace-bonded within three miles of Aberglain, unless the village is under attack. Possessors of weapons must report to a member of the village guard to have their

  • Everwood

    Protected by the druid Argus of Everwood, an old-growth forest near the hamlet and castle of Camraye (F159-212). Most inhabitants speak well of the friendly fae creatures and benevolent wood.

  • The Wicked Cauldron

    The Wicked Cauldron (also known as the Barren Wood) is said to be home to a terrible witch. Legends tell of a ruin from the age of the Whispered One that provides this witch with power. The woods themselves are an ancient, gloomy and gnarled forest full

  • The Bubbling Cauldron

    The Bubbling Cauldron is another fragment of the great forest known as the Barren Wood. These ancient oak and birch trees contain a lot of deadwood. It is known for the occasional monster before the war, but now is rumored to be the home of Neegle the

  • The Stark Mounds

    The Stark Mounds are not quite mountains, but are nevertheless rugged lands. Formerly the home of a gnomish kingdom, nothing has been heard from the gnomes since the war began. Most humans do not dare enter the mounds for fear of the Swordwraiths,

  • Knight's Quarry

    Knights Quarry (F156-210), located in the Stark Mounds, provides excellent limestone and marble for building. Once used for the Knights of the Watch, the quarry has been overrun by the enemy and made into a stronghold.

  • Moundgnommery

    Former capital of the Stark Mound Gnomes. The surface was taken by the giants, who built a wooden steading on it. When the hill giants were defeated, vampires infested the steading. Now, the city has been deserted and is the lair of a green dragon (

  • Culture

    Gyric Culture
    Unlike the rest of the Flanaess, Gyruff is still primarily Flannae. Due to our isolation from the rest of the Sheldomar Valley, the Oeridians and Suel tribes did not settle in mass numbers in our homeland. Instead they kept to the

  • Bloodyn Cain

    Population: 2,600: Human 91% (OSF), Elf 4%, Gnome 3%, Other 2%
    Capital: Pelyth Cove
    Ruler: Arglwyth Alvestar Glorandaal (gray elf)
    Blody Cain (blow-din, kine, tr. Fragile Flower) is the northernmost of the

  • Cymeravon

    Population: 4,900: Human 80% (FSO), Elf 10%, Gnome 3%, Halfling 3%, Dwarf 2%, Other 2%
    Capital: Oytmeet 4,000
    Ruler: Knight Commander Peredur Blackblade Elusive Stag KoW

    Set in the fertile junction of the

  • Ffrwythlon Dol

    Population: 1,760
    Capital: The Lea, 800
    Ruler: Gretta Lea
    Ffrwythlon Dol (frweeth-lon dole, tr. bountiful meadow) is a small cantrev nested between Cymeravon and Rhychdir Rhos (reech-dir roos, tr. fertile heath). Composed of miles of

  • Gwyrth Bryn

    Population: 3,800
    Capital: Dersyth (Der-seth, tr. West Town) 2,500
    Ruler: Arglwyth Andras Dryadson
    Gwyrth Bryn (gweerth breen, tr. green hill) straddles the Olvewater, and stretches along the spur of the Barrier Peaks that divides

  • Melgorn

    Population: About 3,000
    Capital: Hornwood, 1,000
    Ruler: None
    Just west of where the Stark Mounds give rise to the Crystalmist Mountains, Eryrnyth gives way to the cantrev of Melgorn (mel-gorn, tr. no translation). The rugged foothills

  • Rhad Derwyth

    Population: 4,000
    Capital: Caer Glys 3,100
    Ruler: Arglwyth Janos Garren
    Rhad Derwyth (rad der-with, tr. Druids Blessing) is one of the three cantrevi, newly established in the lands south of the Oytwood between the Stark Mounds

  • Rhwng yr Coed

    Population: 4,000.
    Capital: New Midwood, 2,500
    Ruler: Arglwythes Briallen merch Luther
    Rhnwg yr Coed (roong ear koyd, tr. between the woods) is a small cantrev that begins at the Javan River above the Oytwood, but below the Dim Forest

  • Rhychdir Rhos

    Population: 5,350.
    Capital: Pregmere, 4,900
    Ruler: Braichdyn Mellos Warren, regent for Lynelle merch Rhian, candidate for Llwyres of Rhychdir Rhos
    At the very heart of Gyruff is Rhychdir Rhos (reech-der roos, tr. fertile heath), the

  • Ystrad Cloer

    Population: 2,800
    Capital: Pwysts Reed, 1250
    Ruler: Arglwyth Krelor Deepforge
    Never did a bowyer go hungry for lack of work in Ystrad Cloer (east-rad kloyer, tr. enclosed vale). Located under the eaves of the southern Asgwrn

  • Weather

    Overall, weather in Gyruff is typically temperate, much like Northern Texas, but the mountains (and magic) can have a cooling effect.

  • Linhir

    The Dim Forest opens up and the underbrush has been cleared away. Several huts have been built all over, but staircases have been built around many of the trees leading to small flets at different levels in the trees. These

  • Orlane

    Orlane became a rallying point for the Gyri Refugees to be placed elsewhere in Gran March. A recruiting station and training camp turned into a fort at Orlane, where the Wolfpacks formed. Orlane was ravaged in an attack in 584 CY, where

  • Grollek's Grove

    Leah Redoak, the druid living in a huge Oak tree (N on the map), has been observing Grolleks Grove and the Morrick Mansion for months. She was a very kind, if frail old woman with a Dire Tiger companion.

    There are three stone watchtowers (A) to

  • People of Aberglain

    Lars Haffner (M H Suel) and his wife Gisela (F H Mixed) run the healers shop with their apprentice Cigfa DAmter (F H Flan).

    Ortolf Heimpel (M H Oerid) is a drunk who sits in the center

  • Boss Croat's Compound

    Several buildings of the Leeward District here have been connected by a 15-foot wall topped with a spiked parapet. Boss Croat (NE male half-orc fighter 5/rogue 4) operates from inside this

  • Kingdom of Keoland

    The King is dead, killed in a duel with the Grand Duke of Geoff (Gyruff), without an heir. In the power vacuum, the noble houses bid for the political power in the Council of Niole Dra, but the Council is still divided.

    Several of Keolands

  • Gyri Units

    Unit Types

    Cyvrin (Arcane Corps) (Wiz/Sor)

    Since the time of Vecna until recently in Gyruff, organized magic-using organizations have been banned from existence. The practice of the arcane arts was tolerated, as long as its

  • Gyri Ranks


    • Cadofyth (Colonel) a professional soldier who runs a Bragad with/for his noble lord

  • Gyri Medals

    Gyri Participation Ribbons

    There have been several battles, which are represented by a piece of fabric with a particular pattern.

    Battle of Orlane

    Orlane was used as a recruitment and training camp for the Gyri

  • Hornwood

    Hornwood (town) (F132-212)
    Ruler: Town Council
    Population 1,000
    Resources: Wood, silver
    Nested between the Cystalmist Mountains and the forest that is its namesake, Hornwood was a goodly-sized fortified village originally

  • Hanner

    Hanner (pop 400)

    Ruler: Brehyr(es) Bolger Hairfoot Population: 400
    Located on the crossroads between Gorna, The Lea and the East-West road
    Resources: Clay, pottery, sheep, grains, beer
    More than half the population are

  • Benton Da'Heedh (Raised)

    the start of Bens Journal. Before he started down the road of adventure

    Beory protects and cares for those who care for Oerth, At least that is what my uncles, Gawain and Celyn always tell me as we work the fields of the Johnson &

  • Raylinn Fardale

    Youngest child of the Fardale merchant family from Waybury in the Duchy of Ulek. Blinded due to childhood illness, Raylinn has entered into a pact with a celestial to return his sight in the form of a miniature rainbow flying horse (

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