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  • Chapter 7: Undercurrents

    The war with the Path of Purity seems to have quieted with their defeat at Dersyth by the combined armies of Gyruff. Many of the followers of the path have returned to Gyruff but there remain a number of powerful enemies that could pick up the banner

  • Chapter 8: Hide and Seek

    I have to admit that I have lost track of the goings on in Hochoch over the last several weeks while working on a special project but it has come to my attention now that Mazer is acting even more strangely than usual. Ever since being marked by the

  • Chapter 9: Into the Void

    It has been a round about trip back to Hochoch but I see little has changed. The city is still in the throes of evil magic and it seems normalcy may be something it never experiences again. After spending a few days in Thorndyke, I moved on back to

  • Chapter 14: Payback

    The Watchers were planning another foray into Karackus underground city to search for living prisoners. Although we found many remains in our previous trip, the Watcher Druidess believes that Llwyr Perdur Blackblade is still alive and is held captive

  • Chapter 13: Midnight

    Not since the depths of the Giant War has Gyruff fallen so low. The Gran March has invaded and Rhys ap Rhys has capitulated. Gyruff is to be a protectorate of the Gran March. The Gran March and their enforcers, the Knights of the Watch, think of the

  • Aurora Starglow

    Aurora is a Ranger from the Dim Forest. She trained with the formerly fugitive Rangers that followed Darlon Lea in the Giant War. If anyone were to dig deeply enough, they would find that Aurora Starglow does not exist before her training with the

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