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  • Sounding the Call

    On Wealsun 4, Count Gareth of Arweth asked for heroes to assess the troops and villages of Arweth. Aurora, Ben, Kosef, Osiris and I answered the call. Hochoch has a population of 5500 with 40 town guard remaining, 67 archers and 8 acolytes of St

  • Light for the Dim

    Light for the Dim Reaping 617
    I brought my trainees to New Midwood as I heard that Aurora and Benton were looking for companions to find a cure for the shadows in the Dim. The cantrev leaders had just finished a council meeting to discuss the

  • Shadow Prince

    Shadow Prince Goodmonth 617
    We reacquired my trainees and Bentons in Hocholve and sailed the Illustrious back to New Midwood. Mazer and Aurora departed to attend to other obligations. Jagr desired to see her beloved Prince in Gorna again.

  • Flower and Stone

    I met a dwarven fighter named Bolthan Rodiac at one of the services to Ehlonna in New Midwood. He seems very honest, almost rigidly so. He appeared quite poor, but clean and a worshipper of Ehlonna. He must be a good traveling companion.


  • Brotherhood of Blood – Patchwall 617

    Bolthan and I returned to New Midwood to collect my trainees. We headed down to Gorna, where we met Thai, Osiris, Kosef, Mazer, Jagr, Prince Rhys, Dentrak, Dasut, and Gabonzo. They were headed to Hochoch to continue the vampire hunt. We all boarded

  • Return to Ravonar – Ready’reat 617

    I have not managed to return to Newbridge yet. But my trainees and I have kept training. I heard that Regent Eridan has granted Arweth to Prince Rhys. Hopefully he can get the cantrev back in order. He has had some training in leadership, so that

  • Hochoch Street Blues

    Prince Rhys and Princess Jagr were looking for heroes to help restore order to Hochoch and Arweth. Arglwythes Briallen loaned them 4 longships and crew to get us to the city. Brehyr Mazer picked up 2 ban cants of archers and 2 ban cants of mounted

  • Hochoch Street Blues – Coldeven 618

    Mazer asked Princess Jagr, Dentrack, Dasut, Yahnny, G-zo, Osirus, Thia and I to accompany him down to the Boars Knuckle to finish cleaning it up. When we got close, we were greeted by about 100 of the cult of T singing a song to Mazer with the chorus

  • Hochoch Street Blues 4 part 2

    Planting 21, 618. I was doing my normal patrol of the common quarter when suddenly people started screaming. 500 to 600 zombies from the river started swarming the town. But more pressing, a hag, a unicorn turned nightmare and two slaads started

  • Temple of Black Earth – Flocktime 618

    Princess Jagr had found a map to the Temple of Black Earth in western Rhwng yr Coed when defeating the cultists of T. A urora and Bothan were looking for companions to travel to the Temple, so Benton and I joined them.

    We stopped at Daufforth to

  • Pain in the Neck – Wealsun 618

    I received a sending from Mayor Yseult which alarmed me more than all the reports of stirge attacks. She reported that everything was fine and I did not need to come. I set out for Hochoch at once to find others who would accompany me.

    When I returned

  • Hochoch Blues 6

    A wood elf friend of Princess Jagr, a paladin named Dn, came looking for her. Prince Rhys had heard rumors of smuggling by the river rats gang. He recruited Princess Jagr, Dn, Mazer and I to help investigate. The Illustrious, the boat in which

  • Journal of Gelwen Nerilee

    My name is Gelwen Nerilee. I am the only child of wood elves Cararic and Jelenneth Nerilee. I was raised in the Oytwood by my ranger parents, learning respect for nature and the forest. When the giants came 25 years ago, my parents sent me to Paelias

  • Return to Temple of Black Earth

    Harvester 618
    Bothan, Raylin, Dandelion and Morrick wanted to return to the temple of Black Earth, so I joined them. Raylin had a pseudodragon Aegis who acted as his eyes. We scouted the area as we approached and found 2 dead bulettes with

  • Navel of the Oerth

    Patchwall 618
    Dandelion and I were on a boat to Aberglain. We saw Dasut, Dentrack, Gzo, Eldren and Gleek on the docks. It looked like there had been a big fight. Then we were suddenly transported, ship and all, to the dry steppes, Tovag

  • The Temple of Howling Hatred

    Readyreat 618
    I next found my way to the Wayward Inn and Tavern in Knight Rest. Bothan and Morrick had found some elvish books in the Temple of Howling Hatred, which they allowed Xilvyre and me to read. They were the property of Dara Algwynenn

  • Gelwen Nerilee

    Gelwen Nerilee was born Richfest 3 502 to Cararic and Jelenneth Nerilee, elven rangers from the Oytwood.

    When the giants invaded 25 years ago, Gelwens parents sent her to Paelias Meliamne to be tutored as a cleric of Ehlonna. Gelwen now

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