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  • "One Tyv Ruler Is the Same as Another"

    3rd of Brewfest, 584 CY
    One Tyv Ruler Is the Same as Another
    by Amy and Eric Menge (Edited for this Campaign)

    A light rain is falling in Old Oak Square, and Heike Heinriksdotter closes her eyes for a moment and tilts

  • Blue Smoke We Did Inhale!

    The day started out great! I got to hang with three other females for this next adventure. All were looking as good as me (Bam!) and it felt like a 2 Lutes for Love groupie thingexcept Dandelion was not there and we were all working togetherand like

  • Mazer's Log

    Before I get started, some of the good stuff we have been helping Gyruff with has really paid off. At first I was giving this adventuring life a go just for some music inspiration, meeting some exotic women, and a little fame. But wow Man! Here that

  • Hochoch Street Blues Part 2's

    The Crown Prince has been petitioned to eliminate harsh fines and penalties for minor theft and other offenses that appear to target the poor and destitute.

    Of course Rhys is sympathetic to the plight of the unfortunate, but we must have Rule of

  • Last Thoughts of Benton Da'Heed

    I will not let anyone else die for my failing . . .

    Dasut came to the Prince with a plan to flush out a group of necromancers that have been operating in Hochoch. Crown Prince Rhys, The Returned, had gathered us together to infiltrate the group

  • Arweth

    Population: Was 10,000; currently 20,000.
    Capital: Hochoch 5,500
    Ruler: Count Rhys ap Rhys, Crown Prince of Gyruff

    Arweth (ar-weth, no translation) has long been the gateway to Gyruff. Even before the Gran March annexed Farvale and

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