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  • Gretta's Side of the Story

    It has been a hard year so far. Mom and Dad were slain in their bed by assassins, but fortunately a group of heroes was staying at the house and kept the villains from getting away. Princess Caitlyn is dead, as is her father the Brenin and most of the

  • Lea

    The Lea (town)

    Prewar Population: 950
    Current Population: 800 Humans: 488 (Flannae: 166, Mixed: 146, Oeridian: 98, Sueloise: 73, Baklunish: 5), Halflings: 272 (Lightfoot: 231, Stout: 41), Gnomes: 24 (Forest: 19, Rock: 5), Elves: 8 (Wood

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