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  • Raylinn Letters Home

    18th day of Goodmonth, CY618

    Dearest Mother,

    Know first and foremost that I am well and doing what I believe I was meant to do.

    I was excited to be able to put Celestians gifts to practical use with the caravan instead of just

  • Super Sleuth Extraordinaire

    (Oct 13) Super Sleuth Extraordinaire

    So apparently some people have known about an epidemic in NewBridge for a while. The person in charge of the town, Gelwyn, is just now gathering some heroes up to discover the source and find a remedy. Of

  • Raylinn Fardale

    Youngest child of the Fardale merchant family from Waybury in the Duchy of Ulek. Blinded due to childhood illness, Raylinn has entered into a pact with a celestial to return his sight in the form of a miniature rainbow flying horse (

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