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  • Rhychdir Rhos

    Population: 5,350.
    Capital: Pregmere, 4,900
    Ruler: Braichdyn Mellos Warren, regent for Lynelle merch Rhian, candidate for Llwyres of Rhychdir Rhos
    At the very heart of Gyruff is Rhychdir Rhos (reech-der roos, tr. fertile heath), the

  • Pregmere


    Ruler: Town Council (Chartered Town)
    Population: 4,900 (inc. 270 Fire Giants)
    Resources: hot springs, sheep, cheese-makers, fire giants

    The cantrev of Rhychdir Rhos is mostly buccal (bison), sheep and a few

  • Lynelle merch Rhian

    Summer of 617, after killing Ffiona, Llwyres Rhian and her husband Yrylan were clawed and bitten to death in their beds by swarms of rats, which now infest Pregmere and many of the surrounding villages. The rats despoil foodstores and are spreading

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