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  • Rhys' Dreams - Part 1

    It is hard to remember now, but the strange dreams started after Rhys returned from Sigil and assumed his proper place as ruler of Gyruff. Perhaps it was the stress of the position or perhaps the banal monotony after having led such an exciting life.

  • Rhys' Dreams Part 2

    A Dangerous Tool
    By Eric Menge
    (adapted for Rhys)

    I dont like him, and I dont trust him, Soorn Stonemarrow says in a hushed voice from his hiding place.

    Harmoldt Deepforge squats low

  • Rhys' Dreams - Part 3

    Its dark again, but then it seems that it is always dark or grey in Rhys dreams of late. The halls of Eagles Peak are quiet, cold and lonely. There seems to be no one in the capital of Gorna and not a single light challenges what dim starlight

  • Rhys' Dreams Part 4

    Rhys is walking through the very crowded streets of Aberglain when he realizes that most, if not everyone there is dead. The sudden realization stops him in his tracks, which attracts the attention of the commander of the Griffon Guard. When the

  • Rhys' Dreams - Part 5

    (Adapted from Shades of Grey Module)

    Rhys is walking through the castle known as Eagles Peak, but it is a warmer, happier time when men still lived in and ruled Gorna. Banners of the Griffon flew from every tower. The city was ablaze in color

  • Rhys' Dreams Part 6

    Rhys is sitting on the shores of the Isle of Rhun at the height of spring. Trees are in blossom and plants are growing everywhere, even in the cold reaches of the mountains. It seems a happier time, but still, there is something wrong. Rhys climbs the

  • Rhys' Dreams Part 7

    The sunrise seems abundant in color, full of warmth and hope.

    The giants have been driven back through Knights Quarry, the Stark Mounds, Gorna, Pregmere and driven from Gyruff.

    The hordes of the undead plague have finally been turned,

  • Rhys' Dreams - Part 8

    What Comes in Dreams
    By Eric Menge
    (adapted to Rhys)

    Rhys walks into his personal chambers in the caer at Aberglain. It has been a long but productive day. The people are fed and safe. The Day of Remembrance was a

  • Rhys' Dreams Part 9

    Most of Gyruffs standing army is arrayed before Rhys as he inspects the troops before the march to Tenwalls. It doesnt feel like enough, but if the giants arent stopped at Tenwalls-on-the-Bluff, theyll march right into Aberglain with no way to

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