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  • To Ravonnar

    Aurora, Yuldra and I were recruited by Arglwyth Alvestar Glorandaal of Blodyn Cain for a most important mission.

    The positive energy emanating from Ravonnar is benign at low doses and lethal in higher doses. The low doses are responsible for the

  • Underground Ways

    Dandelion asked Rhyzzat, Mazer, Morrick, Benton, myself and a gnome ranger, Biglee H. ZaBoom to help him with a mission. He needed to find the entrance to Moundgnomery, make his way in, and hopefully release some captives, or at least find out

  • Remedy for a Giant

    We got news that Colwyn had come to the Brenins council meeting and blown up himself and much of the council. The Brenin briefly survived, until a cleric of Lydia unknowingly cured him. The Brenin and about a dozen other people coughed up blood

  • Xilvyre's New Flan Purity

    I heard that Eridan had prepared a lab in New Midwood for heroes who could prepare the cure for blackscour taint. Uaithne and I made our way there. We found Kosef, Osiris, Thia, Morrick, Grigor, Tornado, Aoth, Dandelion, Yuldra and Pookie there. The

  • Tempest of Seasons

    Tempest of Seasons Goodmonth 617
    I returned to Trehalwyn to meet up with Aoth again. We both agree that Caswallon needs to be stopped, although we are not sure how. Grigor has been dipped in the cauldron by Caswallon and is now his friend, so

  • To Find a King

    We spent the rest of the month in the town of Klukwan, waiting for Grigors floodwaters to recede. I had lots of time to train Uthaine. Osaris, Thia and Kosef left to go somewhere east. We were discussing what to do with Grigor, as he is Caswallon

  • Incants of Ischabele - Patchwall 617

    Aurora, Aoth, Tornado, Dandelion, Morrick, Evendur and I knew we had to return to Krells keep to recover the ninth key. Each key is a foot long and sparingly bejeweled. Three are silver, three gold and two iron. Krell must have the third iron key.

  • Deals with Dieties – Ready’reat 617

    Benton, Tunottoo,Thia, Osaris and Kosef brought the Heart of Caitlyn from Regent Eridan before we finished speaking. Dandelion bravely crushed the skull and summoned Nerull. Nerull was not willing to trade Grellyn/Caitlyns soul for anything Dandelion

  • Hochoch Street Blues - Fireseek 618

    Prince Rhys is working on retaking Hochoch and Arweth and has asked for heroes to help. Uaithne and I decided to help. We met up with Aoth, Tornado, Morrick, Bothan and Evendur and were briefed on some of the problems. It was difficult to decide

  • Hochoch Street Blues 2

    Readying 618

    Morrick has examined Aoths baby acquired from the hags and has determined that she is a baby hag. Aoth does not know what to do with her. Killing an innocent babe seems so wrong and he hopes to change her.

    Prince Rhys

  • Hochoch Street Blues 3 – Coldeven 618

    Apparently Bothan and Dandelion decided to lock Mazer up in the castle chained to a bed with no items. I had just sold him a ring of mind shielding, which should help him. Gelwen also lent him a ring of protection from evil and good. Why they had to

  • Hochoch Street Blues 4 – Planting 618

    I received a message from Caitlynn reborn, so Uaithne and I went to meet him/her. Other former friends of Caitlynn were there as well. After much discussion, Caitlynn agreed that she was called to take up Llewelyns mantle. Llewelyn will take

  • Laments of Llewellyn – Flocktime 618

    My birthday passed quietly. There does not seem to be much to celebrate this year.

    Dandelion had been helping Llewellyn with Dagda and knew of some items that Dagda wanted. He wants the return of his cauldron, called Coire Ansic, the return of

  • Xilvare’s Journal Part 4 – Giant Attack

    Some scouts had returned to Gorna with reports of giants approaching. As heroes of Gyruff, we were allowed in the council chambers as various plans for dealing with the giants were discussed. Scouts had been sent out and discovered that there were over

  • Journal of Xilvyre

    My name is Xilvyre Urthadar. I am the oldest daughter of wood elf Rolen Urthadar and Flan woman Nesta merch Gethin. I recently left my familys traveling entertainment business to make it on my own.

    I found myself in Pymtheg Cerrig when the

  • Druid Circle

    Harvester 618
    I traveled to Oytmeet for the noble moot. I could not get near the castle, as it was overflowing with brehyri, but being in the town was excitement enough. Then Dandelion suggested the Aoth, Tornado, Everdur, Mazer and I find out

  • Temple of Howling Hatred

    Readyreat 618
    Astra, Mazer, Uaithne and I were coming to Knights Rest from Tenwalls when we saw Morrick approaching from the quarry. We also saw the end of a windstorm 2 miles across. Not quite half the town was killed. Survivors told us

  • Wedding March – Coldeven 619

    I accepted the invitation to the wedding of Benevolent Chipmunk Tallia Neholin and Baronet Mazer Raxxam, little knowing what was in store. Mazer has named Llewelyn one of the groomsmen, which fills me with foreboding.

    As Llewelyns wife, I was

  • Post Trial – Wealsun 619

    I returned to Hochoch for the trial of Baronet Aoth, Baronet Evendur and his squire Cedric, Raylinn, Dandelion and his ward Precieux. I was sitting with Morrick and a new friend Zilziver Zabuume. They were charged with breaking into Mesophilos

  • Handling Hochoch – Reaping 619

    I had discovered that if an item with an extra-dimensional space is put inside another, that a portal to the Astral plane would be opened. I also discovered that if this was done over another portal, it would close both portals. I talked with Zilziver

  • Heart of the Elves

    Knight Commander Paent called Uaithne and I to his quarters. There we met Aurora, Bothan, Darielle and Father Lind Moristen. Apparently Eridan had indicated that the Dim Forest elves might be willing to negotiate for peace and we were being sent to

  • Retaking Arborlon and Hugo

    Ban Cantdyn Cairbre ap Somgael approached several heroes with a special mission: taking out the Grandiose Imperial Wyvern Watcher Hugo of Geoff and as much of the leadership as you can. Cairbre can teleport up to 300 people into the Inner Keep at

  • When a Star Falls

    Patchwall 620

    Watcher Hugo selected four Vigils, Priestess Anna of Ehlonna, the turtleship Brigantia, three shifts of crew and the heroes who saved him for his quest of redemption to save the world. All he told us was

  • Webbed

    Readyreat 620. Osaris, Aoth, Evendure, Cedrice, Zilziver, Cardic, Raylinn and I headed back toward the mountain fortress looking for the bodies wrapped in silk. We rested in a cave on the way up. Evendurs creepy mirror followed me. Those on

  • Passions of the Flesh

    Fireseek 621. Mazer, Karsten, Morrick, Lakra, Dandelion, Raylendar, Raylinn, Aurora and I traveled from Godakin Keep in Keoland to Aberglain. Raylinn has been hired by Lady Pristantia, so now she travels with him. When we reached Aberglain we

  • Planting a Seed

    Readying 621. Dandelion, Morrick, Lakra, Aurora, Raylendar and I went to Caer Gwyn (Castle White) with Emyr and Nichelle. The castle is so named because it is made of white limestone. One of the guards ran down from the tower at our approach to tell

  • Fast Times at Ravonnar High

    Coldeven 621. We parted with Dandelions family and decided to investigate Ravonnar and Castle Brodelin further. Dandelion, Morrick, Lakra, Aurora, Raylendar, Raylinn and I decided to visit some of the taverns to get a feel for the gossip in

  • Xilvyre Urthadar

    Xilvyre is the daughter of a wood elf (Rolen Urthadar) and a Flan woman (Nesta merch Gethin). Rolen and Nesta are traveling entertainers who perform all over Gyruff. At an early age, Xilvyre began exhibiting magical ability. Xilvyre used her magical

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