Unoerthly Cave


Several decades ago, a star fell from the sky and shook the Oerth. A dwarven merchant caravan was passing nearby and investigated. They found a recent landslide had apparently uncovered a strange and mystical tower made of a unknown exotic metal. Arcane symbols abounded on the mystical tower. The dwarves curiosity overcame their caution and they entered.

Only two of the thirty-five dwarves returned, but they returned with strange new artifacts. The tower must be haunted, for the things they saw inside: apparitions, doors and other magical devices randomly doing things on their own without visible means of propulsion or manipulation. The interior is metal with metal doors and round metal trap doors that had to be forced open with considerable effort. Hostile humans using exotic arms and armor, strange magical iron golems, phase spiders, plant-like creatures and other hazards attacked the dwarves, but they managed a partial survey.

The haunted metal tower is much larger than one would expect. There are nine levels above ground, including a vast water reserve and an indoor garden. The metal tower also extends quite deep underground as well. Each level was rather small, little more than a landing with three seemingly bottomless pits and rungs to climb down farther. It continued this way for at least sixty levels (more than six hundred feet deep), until opening up into a strange ice covered metal cavern approximately sixty feet high. There were strange rooms, odd glowing gems, and an unoerthly cold. Realizing they could not survive deeper into the fortress, they found more round trapdoors with rungs leading up. They then discovered that there was much more to the other levels than they first thought. They suspect there are secret doors from the landings to these levels, for it would be incredibly strange to have to travel down sixty levels to go back up.

Heading back up, they endured more unoerthly cold for several levels. Signs of magical battles were everywhere with burn marks under the thick layers of ice and the metal here was brittle. They found huge metal structures at the deeper levels with no worldly function. They found several levels of frozen quarters, then several levels filled with huge worked metal devices that were undecipherable. The unoerthly cold stopped for several levels, where they discovered two levels of vast warehouses with the packages strongly secured. There were a couple levels of never frozen quarters, but the dwarves set off an unexpected trap, which flooded the level with liquid ice. Most of the dwarves died there, but a lucky few were able to seek shelter in time. The liquid ice drained down the trapdoors to the lower levels, which probably froze solid behind them.

The levels above, frozen again like those below, had treasures beyond ken, but the dwarves were more interested in saving themselves and escaping than looting by this point. They passed through several more frozen levels of quarters until they got to a small landing with a round doorway that eventually led outside. They had no more than exited the dungeons of this haunted tower when a landslide covered the hidden entrance.

The two surviving dwarves, hairless and covered in weeping sores, cautioned their brethren that the haunted tower is filled with all manners of dangerous creatures and deadly traps. Worse, most of the treasures inside were fakes. The glowing gems turned out to be softer than true gems and stopped glowing as soon as they were removed from the altars and walls of the tower. A few bars of unusual metal returned by the dwarves were either poisoned or cursed, for anyone who came near them died within days. The two dwarves who returned and all their found treasures were buried in a special tomb away from Stonereaver. All were forbidden to approach or to enter the haunted metal tower deep in the Barrier Peaks. Over time, it also became known as the Unoerthly Cave.

The Fighting Tomatoes arrive on the 21st of Readying, 585 CY and begin to explore. The entrance is on Deck09 – Avionics.

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Unoerthly Cave

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